Hello, my name is Andrew

I am a creative developer living in Wichita, Kansas.
My passion is to improve lives with code.


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My Story

When I was seven years old, my dad taught me some basic HTML and CSS. I fell in love immediately, and I've never stopped learning since.

My name is Andrew. I'm a creative developer and problem solver.

I really love to code

When a creative person is equipped with programming knowledge and tools, they are empowered to build great things. My passion is to use that power to better the lives of everyone around me.

Whether I'm building productivity tools, websites, or otherwise solving real-world problems, I love to code. There is something incredibly cathartic about it, and seeing the positive impact my work has on others brings me a lot of joy.

  var me = new Person({ name: 'Andrew', age: 26 });

Let's talk

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My Work

Here you may browse the various projects I've either built entirely myself, heavily worked on, or contributed to in my time.

My Other Work

Check out some of the other projects I've done.

Screenshot of Optical Check In
Optical Check In

A reactive website that finds the user's nearest location via Google Maps API, provides wait times, and allows them to check in for an appointment.

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Screenshot of Rx Checker
Rx Checker

A website that generates reports to inform users about possible conflicting medication side effects.

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Screenshot of Conduct Reporter Plugin
Conduct Reporter Plugin

Javascript plugin that allows people to anonymously report Code of Conduct violations to a community Slack channel. Made for devICT (local Wichita developer group) but deployable by any community.

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Screenshot of Print Image Checker
Print Image Checker

A productivity tool. Designed to assist my colleagues in quickly and concisely viewing data about image files to discern if they are acceptable for print design use.

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Screenshot of MS-Word Image Extractor
MS-Word Image Extractor

A productivity tool that extracts all images from a Word file and downloads them in ZIP format.

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Screenshot of The Frozen Labyrinth
The Frozen Labyrinth

An exciting tile-based slider puzzle game for Android! Ice themed. Published on Google Play.

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